Thank you again – Christmas 2013

Thank you God for your unfailing love and faithfulness towards UKTAC. You are true to your word and keeps your promise. There is no words to express but to say ‘thank you’.
Our sincere thanks to beloved and respective Rev. Salomi Sukesh Pandi, Rev. Dominic Anthony and Mr William Moses Nalli for sharing the word of God to see the real meaning of Christmas in our lives. We heard the message from these three preachers summarising; ‘Shepherds who received the good news first, Paul being joyful to have Christ in his life and Jesus as the saviour of our lives.’
Our extended tanks to all the Church leaders and elders who shared their valuable words ‘for unto us a child is born……, how Jesus wants to use us……., how we can be an example to this world to stand as ‘lamp stands’ to give light….. ’
Every one of you has made a difference, and we thank you, for your presence in gracing the UKTAC Christmas celebrations a success. May our Lord use each of us for His glory in the coming future.
Rev. David Foster has launched New Year 2014 Calendar, cutting the cake and closed the meeting with prayer and benediction.