2nd Anniversary 26 April 2014

Dear All,
We welcome you all to share our joy as we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary on Saturday the 26th April 2014. Our first and foremost request to you all is to pray for this event. As we gather together in the name of Jesus, we want to see the Lord Jesus’ name to be glorified through our worship and the word of God. Please join us to grace the occasion.

Thank you again – Christmas 2013

Thank you God for your unfailing love and faithfulness towards UKTAC. You are true to your word and keeps your promise. There is no words to express but to say ‘thank you’.
Our sincere thanks to beloved and respective Rev. Salomi Sukesh Pandi, Rev. Dominic Anthony and Mr William Moses Nalli for sharing the word of God to see the real meaning of Christmas in our lives. We heard the message from these three preachers summarising; ‘Shepherds who received the good news first, Paul being joyful to have Christ in his life and Jesus as the saviour of our lives.’
Our extended tanks to all the Church leaders and elders who shared their valuable words ‘for unto us a child is born……, how Jesus wants to use us……., how we can be an example to this world to stand as ‘lamp stands’ to give light….. ’
Every one of you has made a difference, and we thank you, for your presence in gracing the UKTAC Christmas celebrations a success. May our Lord use each of us for His glory in the coming future.
Rev. David Foster has launched New Year 2014 Calendar, cutting the cake and closed the meeting with prayer and benediction.

Christmas Celebrations 2013

We Welcome you all with your family and friends for Christmas celebrations on 7th December 2013 at 6.00pm, Pilgrims Way Church, East Ham, London. Children care and dinner is arranged. Please contact us for free parking ticket.

Gospel Evening 31-Aug-2013

We welcome you all for an evening gospel meeting with Dr P. J. Stephen Paul from Andhra Pradesh. Come and have fellowship with one another. Dinner will be served and free car parking is also arranged. Please come and be a blessing.

1st Christmas – Summary

Dear friends

We thank God for His faithfulness. We have celebrated our 1st Christmas 2012. Our sincere thanks to all of you for making this programme a grand success.

Our earnest thanks to Michael Vijay Kumar garu who gladly accepted our invitation to preach in this event. No words to thank him. God prepared him to grand this occasion.

Williams garu happily accepted our invitation to unveil Year 2013 daily bible verse calendars and pocket calendars. Please let us know if you are interested. You can collect your free copy by visiting us or please leave your address with us so that we can post them for you at free of charge.

Thank you once again for your prayers and extended support to UKTAC.

United in Christ for his glory


Pastor James Niles from Malaysia – 13th October 2012

Dear all

God has given us another opportunity to spread the word of Christ on 13th October 2012 with Pastor James Niles from Malaysia. The programme is scheduled between 6.30pm and 8.30pm at Pilgrims Way Church, East Ham, London.

We will update you about this upcoming event in few days. Please come and hear the word of God and be a blessing to many people.

Dr John Wesley – Summary

It was another blessed and eventful day for UKTAC. As God promised to UKTAC even before the undertaking its first ‘One-day Retreat’, He once again proved that He is faithful. It proved to be  a great opportunity and blessing to UKTAC to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through Dr.John Wesley, Rajahmundry, A.P, India on 16th June 2012.

The Programme started at 5pm with singing praises and worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ by the choir and ‘only for music’ band.  One hour of Praise and Worship led the congregation into deeper intimacy with the Spirit of Jesus. Dr John Wesley preached the word of God at 6pm emphasising. In the end Dr. John Wesley with his brother Paul Emmanuel presented a beautiful song wherein he invited the congregation to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. A few people raised their hands to accept Christ as their Lord.

The programme concluded with thanks giving and closing prayer and Benediction by Dr. John Wesley at 7:45pm. A delicious South Indian dinner was served to 125 people by UKTAC catering team.  We had an exclusive interview with Dr. John Wesley that night which would be published soon on our website and facebook.

What a day for UKTAC to serve the Lord once again! All praise and glory be to our Lord Christ Jesus. Amen.

A day with the Father, one day Gospel retreat – Summary

It is for that ‘A day with the Father, one day Gospel retreat’ big day UKTAC was dreaming about. BBC weather report clearly said that there will be a heavy rain on 21st April 2012. Yes there is only one option to stop the rain. All knees down, the team and many supporters around the world made an appeal to GOD, ‘Father, let your will be done’, ‘so be it’ said GOD. Tearing the clouds Sun shined that reminded me Isaiah 60:2 ‘The Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.’

With an opening prayer started the delicious breakfast at 9.30, followed by praise and worship at 10.30. The ‘Only for Music’ band choir team has led the congregation into the worship in praising God, son and the Holy Spirit. This was another wonderful time that everybody has enjoyed the presence of the Holy Spirit in praising and singing.

Here comes the important part of the programme ‘The Message’ at 12noon as everybody waiting to receive from the Lord, Pastor John Purushotham from Hyderabad, India serving the Lord over 50 years and as a senior pastor for two churches given a precious message on ‘The Lord went before them’. The emphasis is on ‘God is faithful’ as long as we are ready to listen His voice. It also enlightened the unity among Christian believers, groups and Churches. The word has blessed many hearts especially UKTAC as they have started their journey walking with the Lord. It was not an accident as this pastor was visiting his family in London who joyfully accepted the invitation, prayed and stood in the gap to make this event a great success for the glory of God.

Once again it was time for delicious South Indian lunch served at 1.15 with above 125 visitors enjoyed fellowship meal, meeting and greeting with each other.

The afternoon worship has started at 1.30 as ‘Only for Music’ band, once again has led the congregation in praise and worship with their gifts and talents that God has blessed them with.

It is that time to hear from the Lord as Pastor John Purushotham opened the Bible and shared the word of God on ‘A day with the Father’. The message was closed at 3:15 to emphasise the importance of being with the Father and how the Father has taken care of His children and would care for their future because our Father is ‘love.’
Here comes the encouraging and entertaining part of the programme ‘The Singing Competitions’.

There were ten competitors participated in the competition which started at 4.30.

UKTAC has given out two consolation prizes and three winning places. The two consolations were grabbed by Grace and Carol.
Carol is just seven years old and young participant in the competition. She stood boldly and confidently before 150 people sung a Hindi song ‘Teri aaraadhanaa karo’ which impressed the judges.
Gracefrom Leicester who grabbed another consolation prize also given her best singing ‘Neeve naa durgamu, neeve naa kota’.
Rachel, who released her latest gospel songs CD has sung a special Telugu song ‘Innelluga naatodu nilachi’.
Aiga Puli being English, performed her Telugu skills in singing ‘Sudha hrudayam’ wonderfully.


The Third runner was Elisha, who performed ‘Najareyuda naa yesayya’,
Swetha the Second ‘Naa dhyaanam, naa praanam neeve naa yesu’
The winner is Manjula from Ealing singing ‘Neekanna lokaana naakevarunnarayya.’
Every participant has given their best; they are very competitive that puzzled the judges. It was a great time. All the winners have received their prizes from Pastor John Purushotham.

Introducing UKTAC and its services to the community and their choir team ‘Only for Music’ band has followed the singing competitions at 5:15.

Following the prize distribution is vote of thanks thanking God, prayer supporters, volunteers, media, visitors and participants.

The one day retreat has been a great blessing with closing prayer and benediction by Pastor John Purushotham.

Refreshments were served at 6.00 PM.