Hi All,

Greetings in the Lord’s name.The day we have been earnestly waiting and praying for  ‘ UKTAC’s One-day Gospel Retreat ‘ is just round the corner, on 21st April 2012. Pray, participate and promote the program for the glory of the Lord.It will be a wonderful time to sing, to pray and to have fellowship together.It is a time to enjoy as a community. Your support will be appreciated.Your participation will be valued, and your involvement as volunteers will be solicited.Since the work is big and demands all kinds of talents, let us come together to build His kingdom by offering our talents in whatever way they are required on that day. If you would like to take part in the event as volunteer please be at the premises by 9.30 AM on 21 Apr 2012 or please contact us if you are interested.

God bless you



Choir Practice

Dear Brothers and Sisters ,

We had our first choir practice last saturday and had great time, If anyone is intrested in joining the choir for our one day Gospel Retreat” A Day with the Father “on the 21st of April , please feel free to contact us on Facebook or Inbox us your numbers and we will get in touch with you guys.

God bless ….


News Letter March 2012

It has been a great pleasure and joy to all who planted UKTAC exactly a month ago. UKTAC has made a good progress in creating relationship with Telugu Christians and Churches around UK. The wonderful point is that everyone whom UKTAC approached has given their warm welcome and appreciated the thought of creating UKTAC for the glory of God.

UKTAC is organising its first one day gospel retreat on the theme ‘A day with the Father’ on 21st April 2012. This event starts at 9:30AM and closes at 5:00PM. Free breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served; there is no entry or registration fee. It is completely free and opened to all. There is will be singing (solo or group) competitions at the end of the service.

Let us see the progress:

  • Website www.uktac.co.uk has been updated and gone live on 11-Mar-2012.
  • 50% Pamphlets distribution by visiting churches and door to door has been completed.
  • Most of the Telugu Churches in the UK are listed on the web for your convenience to find the nearest that you can go to.
  • Special meetings taking place in any Telugu Church will be published on the web so that you can attend at your convenience.
  • Monthly news letters will be posted on the web by different churches.
  • Members are meeting once a week and praying together for God to guide them.
  • Praying for all who will be taking part in the event on 21st April 2012.
  • Sent invitations to several Telugu Churches in India to pray for the event and to take part in the event (if possible).

Glory to God in the highest




One Day Gospel Retreat

Dear Pastor and Church Family,


UK TAC – One Day Gospel Retreat

UK TAC is organising its first one day gospel retreat on ‘A day with the Father’ on the 21st April 2012. The programme will primarily be focusing on uniting all Telugu Christians and Churches in the UK together to spend a day with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.  Though we go to different churches, we are one family and we serve one God.  We gather together on that day to worship, praise and to honour our God of Trinity, build relationships with one another and to listen from God through special speakers.

UKTAC is also introducing its ‘Only for Music’ worship band on that day. Secondly, there will be a gospel singing competition to encourage individuals and choir groups from different churches, great prizes to be won.

We request you all to pray for this event and please encourage your families and friends in the UK to join us on that day to participate and to experience the love of God, the son and the Holy Spirit.


Thank You

Love in Christ